Difficult Social challenges

Eco energy11-120WOne thing is clear, there are some difficult social challenges that the EU referendum has exposed.  See my last article (21st June a disconnected world).

However, celebrate the fact that our new Prime Minister has already committed to some of the things that the Ethical Investment world has been demanding, better worker representation on Boards and the ability to cap executive pay.  Shareholder pressure is beginning to see results.

It is getting rarer to meet someone who wants to invest but admits to not caring about how the money is invested.  My clients all want to know that their money is invested in ways that meet their personal values. A better educated investor wants transparency.

Governments around the world are enacting laws to protect their environment and natural capital, as they wake up to the fact that once plundered or spoiled their natural capital is irrevocably damaged.  The argument for Socially Responsible Investment gets stronger all the time.

Since 2008 many individuals, reluctant to trust the financial sector, have sorted other ways to fund their retirement, often by buying property to let.  That proved a recipe for disaster in the 90s for many but maybe this time it will be different!  Remember history has a way of repeating the same mistakes, particularly in a county where bricks and mortar have never been sound.

Eco energy11-120WIf you want sustainable growth or a more stable income, take a look at SRI investing and feel how much more satisfying it could be.

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