Cancer Survival Rates – Really Good News

It is rare not to be affected by a cancer diagnosis amongst family, friends or work colleagues. We all know someone who has either died from or survived cancer. In my case it was my mother who died at just 66, after a five month struggle.

The good news, that we now have a greater chance of survival because of early diagnosis and better treatment, is truly wonderful.

Most of us do not expect to die before we retire and that is usually the case, baring accidents, we can expect to live well beyond retirement age.

BUT not necessarily healthily.

When was the last time a friend or work colleague became unable to earn because of an illness or injury?
Did they also need another family member to stay home to care for them?
Could you, in the same circumstances, manage on benefits?  I don’t suppose you could.

CheckYourContract120Here is what you do tomorrow:

Check your Contract of Employment, does it provide details of a sick pay scheme, do the benefits last for at least six months?
That’s how long treatment lasts. 

If you don’t work but provide childcare, could someone else be a replacement at no cost?

If  the answers are not satisfactory, find out about Critical Illness cover or Income Protection.

As a financial adviser I have had one death claim in 35 years.
I have many Critical Illness or Income Protection claims and every one of those clients were relieved and thankful for the payments.

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