Your Financial Journey


Money is of no value unless put to good use.

It does not keep you warm at night nor does it love you back.  What money can do for you, your loved ones and society is of paramount importance.

Use it wisely.

The Journey

OldSuitcaseWhether starting your financial planning journey or reaching its end, balancing known facts, reasonable assumptions of inflation, life expectancy, growth in asset values against your  hopes and aspirations  in equal measure prepares the way.

My job is to take logical, technology based assumptions through cash flow modelling  and add your individual aspirations and preferences through listening and questioning. Always  taking your personal values into account



Over the decades we have learned from our clients what they want and how they prefer to receive advice and service. Here is a guide to the different needs that can be met.

Insure Your Life or Income

At the start of your financial journey, making certain that a period of ill health, an accident or premature death do not leave your plans in ruin.

Sound financial planning with protection like this ensures that a family survives in financial security and the mortgage is paid off in the event of an unexpected premature death. Even more challenging is a serious disability or long term or terminal health problem when income is at risk.

You don’t need to be at risk if you take good advice and deal with this early enough.

Investment Planning

Whether starting your financial planning journey or reaching its end, its essential to balance known facts, reasonable assumptions of inflation, life expectancy, growth in asset values against your hopes and aspirations in equal measure.

Cash Flow Planning

This is not just a one-off exercise, it needs regular updated and reviewing.  The sooner you get a picture of your financial journey the less it will concern you.

Planning Pre-retirement

Jan’s approach to retirement planning always includes collecting the facts, what assets have been accumulated, which are available to produce income and what do you need and want as an income for how long.

She then employs specialist technology to produce a future cash flow, overlaid by your life expectancy, future inflation and realistic expected returns.  Your personal and individual wishes are added in and then she discusses with you any shortfalls or requirement to reassess your plans.

The benefit of this is that you can have clarity on when and if you need to dispose of assets, such as your family home.

Using the best objective analysis and combining it with common sense. A regular annual review then supports your journey.

Retirement Funding 

Do you know the value of the assets you hold?  How much they will provide you as income?  When you may need to dispose of assets, such as the family home, to fund for care?

Later Life Care  

There are countless websites and organisations to guide you through the regulations and entitlement. If you own your own home, the chances  are that you will have to self fund.

We provide personal and independent advice to make this journey easier for you and your family.

Estate Planning

Planning the disposal of your assets with the minimum of tax is not just for the very rich.  For an individual with assets in excess of £325,000 there is a potential charge to Inheritance Tax.

A tax that is payable before Probate is granted and the funds distributed.

Administration of Your Estate

The final part of the journey is dealing with your estate, after death.  It is important to make things as  easy as possible for loved ones, including your pets.

We have a special relationship with The Estate Administration people at Kings Court TrustWe will obtain a no-obligation guaranteed fixed rate quotation from them for you and feel confident that their expert client service team will support you through the process.