Botanical gardens –

‘most effective’ green space at cooling streets in heatwaves

Researchers hope the findings will inform policymakers planning cities for a warming world

A comprehensive review of research into the heat-mitigating effects of green spaces during heatwaves has found that botanical gardens are the most effective. It is a finding the team at the Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCCAR) hope will inform policymakers planning cities for a warming world.

Few things are as soothing on a hot summer’s day as a walk through a beautiful botanical garden, but they are not just oases of calm. As climate breakdown fuels soaring temperatures, they could prove crucial in moderating the heat in the streets around them.

They are setting up the Reclaim Network Plus, a global web of planners, academics, city officials, charities and businesses who will look at the evidence around the benefits of green and blue space in urban planning.