Major Issues That Can Make Investments Worth More Than Just Money

Yesterday I attended the EIA conference in Birmingham. These are not huge banner waving events but people from across the UK representing the EIA membership – people passionate and knowledgeable about the major issues that can make our investments worth more than just money.

I have been an active member for many years and feel the need for these events, not just to meet up with such great people, but also to keep my own knowledge up to date and get the opportunity to learn of developments and what I can use as I continue to advise my own clients; mostly people who understand that the way you invest can make such a difference.

The conference was introduced by co-chair Tanya Pein an Independent investment adviser for charities and private clients. As well as Co-Chair of the Ethical Investment Association.she is also co-founder of charity for social entrepreneurs

Cate Lamb of CDP talked about CDP’s important work and worsening water security; water is going to be a major world-wide problem over the years ahead and worked need to be done now to alleviate the problems this will cause.
CDP is a global NGO putting relevant environmental information at the heart of business, investment and policy decisions.

There was a discussion about tension between pursuit of growth & limited resources of our planet and how our industry & economists need to address this!

Several Investment Houses made presentations on products and services available and being planned for use by investment professionals like me to help our client decide how they want to invest responsibly.

One encouraging aspect to the day was the number of women in key positions who attended; like Julia Dreblow of SRI Services. Julia has a wealth of experience in this area having been involved in financial services for over 20 years –specialising in SRI since 1998 and she has been especially helpful to me with some excellent research.

Very few advisers really understand nor appreciate the importance of ethical – sustainable investing. Too often it remains thought of as poor investment of a strange niche. But my clients, who choose to ensure that their investments also meet their social conscience, will tell you that their financial returns are as good or better than they expected. Investors do not need to compromise the financial outcome to invest responsibly.

This market has been growing steadily since I first entered as an adviser more than three decades ago; and the rate of growth is becoming increasingly rapid. Like the sudden rise in demand for electric transport so, also, the understanding that good investing can be made with a good conscience promises to make this sector very big over the next few years.

As the EIA put it – Socially responsible investing has entered the mainstream

Start by asking a specialist in this area all the challenging questions you have that make you cautious to go this route. Not only will you find answers to reassure you and motivate your decisions, but also who really knows the market and can give you the advice that you need.


UKSIFlogoUKSIF : The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) is the membership association for sustainable and responsible financial services.

We promote responsible investment and other forms of finance that support sustainable economic development, enhance quality of life and safeguard the environment.

We also seek to ensure that individual and institutional investors can reflect their values in their investments.

eiaLogoEIA : The EIA is a separate chapter of UKSIF – the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association – for financial advisers. We provide support to advisers keen to offer green and ethical investment advice to their clients.

The Ethical Investment Association (EIA) is an association of financial advisers from around the UK, dedicated to the promotion of green and ethical investment.

Members are committed to increasing access to green and ethical investment advice for individuals, businesses and charities, and to increasing and improving their own professional knowledge.

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