Government report shedding new light on social impact investing

 Press release from Worthstone
The Government’s “Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK report is

 released today. It identifies a growing demand for this type of investing and includes recommendations and practical tools to help IFAs meet their clients’ needs.

Worthstone, the impact investment hub for financial advisers, was commissioned by government to contribute to this landmark publication by finding out from advisers how ready they are to offer advice on social impact investing, the key findings are published alongside the main report and include:

·      UK retail social impact investment opportunities are available across all main asset classes and exceed £87bn

·      Demand from investors for social impact investing is significant and growing

·      Investors increasingly seek investments generating positive social change rather than simply avoiding those with negative social and environmental implications

·      Advisers want more CPD training and support in this area.

Government also asked Worthstone to review the current social impact investment opportunities, identifying and categorising them in terms of their investment return and social impact.

This analysis sheds new light on the sector, it gives advisers a framework, identifying the breadth, size and scale of the market, to match a client’s objectives to appropriate investment categories. The clarity this brings enables advisers to confidently discuss this area with authority.

Gavin Francis, CEO of Worthstone said “Every investment has an impact, nothing is neutral, investors want to do good with their investments and advisers will require access to rigorous data analysis on ‘impact’, Worthstone aims to help advisers meet investor objectives in this area.”

About Worthstone

Worthstone aim to help financial advisers, help their clients, generate more positive social impact from their investments. Impact is generated in every investment decision, either positive or negative. We are the go-to place for a broad spectrum of financial planners and wealth managers, who seek to offer impact investment advice to their clients. We are a hub of specialist expertise that provides outsourced resource and practical tools, to enable firms to offer a solution to intelligent capital holders for whom seeking alignment between their investments and their values has become a paramount consideration.

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