2021 Newsletter July

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After 15 years advocating for Environmental and Ethical investments to support the challenges we now face, I am delighted that the issue has become mainstream.

I also recognise that most people have no idea how far our engineers and scientist have come in providing solutions.  

We knew in 2005 what climate science was telling us; in fact, there was good science to suggest the current emergency 30 years ago. 

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As a founder member of Bristol Green Capital, I was increasingly aware that the solutions were either known or in development, what was missing was the Political will.  

What we needed was a new form of financing the solutions.

Thank you to each one of my clients who trusted that making money could also provide the funding to build the infrastructure to provide clean energy.

You helped develop the science and engineering solutions for the industrial and social revolution.
Individuals joining together to make a big difference. 
The power of a collective effort.

Here are some achievements :

The National Grid
18.8% of all energy is Renewable
22.7% Biomass and Nuclear
The balance 47.6% is still Fossil fuel
The opportunities are still there to build better and build greener.

Gas Boilers are now manufactured to facilitate the change to Green Hydrogen;
Worcester Bosch included.

Britain is building trucks and refrigerated units to run on Biofuel

There is proven technology that takes 80% of the carbon out of aircraft fuel, a better and more sustainable way forward instead of scrapping the existing fleets and developing hydrogen cells.

Electric vehicles are the best-selling option now.
Britain is building the capacity to recycle batteries and Cornwall has Lithium .

A British company has developed and sells MooFood to farmers that reduces the carbon from burps and farts .

I mention the above only because these are the issues I hear most about.

Other helpful developments :

·         On the 17th June the Governments announced a new Infrastructure Bank .

·         COP 26 , to be held on the 1st to 12th November in Glasgow. 
Delegates will include China and US, the UK to chair.

Regulatory news :

The Pensions Regular has published its Draft Guidance on Governance and Reporting of Climate-related Risks and Opportunities.
See https://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/en/document-library/consultations/climate-change-guidance/guidance

This is another big step towards moving money to sustainable assets.

It seems that the risks have finally been acknowledged and we have a hope that
the Politicians will keep to the spirit of COP 26.

Thank you again for your support and trust.