2017 Newsletter April

April 2017 Newsletter

When you finally arrive at your correct destination, be it home or somewhere else that you feel totally at ease, it’s a good feeling.  You’re in the right place and happy to be there. You wonder why you undertook the journey in the first place.

That describes how I feel at the end of this first year of our new incarnation.

The 6 years since selling Oliff Associates brought me back to a place where I am content, once
again, running my firm in a way that fulfils my desire to provide better financial services.

Service that sets out to exceed expectations

I intend to provide quarterly new letters, bringing items to your notice that may be relevant or,
at least, informative.

ISA News

The Lifetime ISA
(LISA), and ‘Help to Save’, which became available for young adults from April carry generous bonuses, are part of the government’s commitment to supporting savers at all income levels and at all stages of their lives.

Most banks have declined to offer these at the moment but they are readily available and we can advise on these.

Wills & Trusts

Increase in Probate Fees

Government announces significant overhaul of probate fees from 1 May 2017.  Last February, the Government began a consultation into probate fees and how much families should be charged for extracting the Grant of Probate.     READ MORE …

Useful services

As Financial Service Professional’s we feel that it is important to integrate with services
that ensure that your finances work for you at all time in the best way possible.

To that end, we work very closely with two external services that could have a profound

You can read more about these here

Protect Your Wealth

Solidus is a leading Trust Services company working directly with Financial Planners whose Trust
solutions are designed to protect your wealth, keep it in your family bloodline and save tax.

We have regular review meetings and know if any changes in law will affect your planning. This continuity of advice can save you money.   READ MORE …

Kings Court
We have a special relationship with The Estate Administration people at Kings Court Trust. We
will obtain a no-obligation guaranteed fixed rate quotation from them for you and feel confident that their expert client service team will support you through the process.

Estate administration (probate) deals with a person’s legal and tax affairs after they’ve died. This means valuing and distributing all assets, settling debts and paying tax that may be due. READ MORE …


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