Later Life

Jan has experienced the challenges faced by families when an elderly relative starts to lose their physical and cognitive powers.

It is particularly challenging when that loved one starts to need support at a time when university fees and other financial support is needed by the younger generation. Often at the same time the clients own business skills and resources are being stretched.

Having a trusted financial adviser, who also understands the challenges, is invaluable.  Jan has experience and knowledge that can provide certainty. She can demystify the benefit system, explain what financial support is available from the NHS, local Social Services and the Department of Works and Pensions and who is eligible to claim, provide advocacy and negotiate with the care providers.

NESTA is a government sponsored think tank, tasked with a range of social challenges, how to deal with the growing amount of waste, the wider acceptance of alternative energy and currently, how to deal with the challenges to our health and well being, without bankrupting the NHS. The theme is Citizen Health.

Here is a short video showing the development of Citizen Dementia.

Dementia Citizens is a new project that aims to help people with dementia and those who care for them, using apps on smartphones and tablets.

This animation explains more about the Dementia Citizens project, the some of the apps we’re currently piloting.

To find out more, or to sign up to participate in the research or testing of the apps visit