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 2020 January 

CLIMATE EMERGENCY – a collective effort is needed

“The solutions exist but the political will and the need for funding are elusive”.  When I became a founding member of Bristol Green Capital in 2007 that was the message from the Engineering and Scientific community.

The world has shifted; every UK political party has been forced to say the right words on climate change, forced by public opinion, David Attenborough and Greta Thornburg. 

By flooding in Yorkshire to Australian bush fires.

We know we must stop mining oil and gas; we must develop better battery storage and stop landfill dumping. 

So, what are investors doing?

I have been advising on Alternative Energy investments since 2008.

The City Launched its Green Initiative in 2019, having woken up to the threat of large and increasing insurance claims.

On the 3rd December MSCI hosted an international conference on Environmental Finance as a positive response to the Climate Emergency.  Who are the MSCI? They provide data for the financial sector and they say:

We strive to bring greater transparency to financial markets, enabling the investment community to make better decisions for a better world.
Investing today requires informed decisions that contribute to a better world we seek to bring clarity to dynamic and increasingly complex financial markets. Relentless innovation is in our DNA. Seeing the impact of those innovations on global economies drives us to continue building forward. We are powered by the belief that ROI also means return on community, sustainability and the future that we all share. Healthy economies stimulate job creation, encourage infrastructure development and generate the returns necessary to improve living standards for everyone, everywhere.

The big players in the investment universe are making big commitments so, unless politicians continue to hold things back, we could start the fight for a better outcome.  Money for research and development and more money for alternative energy.  It requires political will, public and private finance.  In short you can take part in this energy revolution and make better returns.

Alternative Energy investments have outperformed the FTSE over the past five years and the markets expect a further boost as the world targets Zero carbon. 

Your pension pot, savings and investments 
The major pension funds and large sovereign investment funds have mostly removed carbon or are in the process of doing so.

You can do the same and by doing so you are removing assets that will devalue and damage your own and your family’s future. 

To discuss your own situation, I encourage you to speak with your current adviser, your employer (for pension funds) or call me.
I offer an initial discussion at no cost, to establish what you can do.