Boutique Approach



In 2000 Jan moved her business to a fee-based approach ensuring that clients would only pay for what they needed but also ensuring that advice was not restricted to selling products.

Jan constantly tries to adapt her business to fit the way it best serves her clients.

Jan is also a member of the Ethical Investment Association and many of her clients have come to her because of her experience and commitment to this sector.


Honesty and ethics underpin Jan’s standards and her clients are open and honest with her.

Jan is able to ensure that all her clients get the best advice with reviews and updates on their financial plans every year at agreed review meetings.

Jan sees her relationships as long term and many of her ciients have been taking advice from her for two or more decades.


One of Jan’s best traits is her ability to listen and understand. For many people the financial issues are linkd to other factors and Jan’s concern is to ensure that everything fits.


Jan’s qualifications go beyond professional exams. In addition to continuing to study advanced subjects.

Jan regularly attends seminars and conferences that keep her up to date on key issues and developments


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