Service Standards

Commitment-150Our Commitment

  • To provide carefully researched financial advice to match your needs, budget and aspirations
  • To do this efficiently within an agreed time scale and to communicate with you simply, directly and in a way you understand
  • To be accessible and to respond to your questions promptly
  • To be open, honest and transparent in all transactions
  • To maintain and update our knowledge of all savings, investments and protection schemes from the entire marketplace
  • To maintain and update our knowledge of legislative changes that affect investments and trust arrangements

Service Level 1
Financial Planning Service

At least once a year we will provide a review of your arrangements at a face to face meeting
We are not discretionary fund managers, which means that we will always consult you before making any changes to your investments

We review our fund recommendations each quarter, checking each asset class against its peer group

We receive technical updates, including market intelligence and views, economic data and legislative changes each week.
These may have an impact on your investment strategy.
We will consult you if a change becomes necessary or desirable.

We will respond to all questions, either by e-mail, telephone or letter, promptly and normally within 24 hours
If we have any particular concerns resulting from a change to an investment fund that you hold, we will make contact and agree a course of action.
We encourage clients to contact us with specific questions about our advice to them or with general questions about any financial matter brought t their attention by the press or in casual conversation.

Service Level 2
Focused Single Issue Advice – No Ongoing Advice or Service

Training and Research

Jan Oliff is committed to training and provides training material and courses for staff
Each week we participate in conference calls and face to face meetings with leading fund managers
To assist us in building your portfolio, we have invested in the latest analytical software tools, giving us access to asset allocation models provided by an internationally respected specialist consultancy
Our fund research includes access to information provided by Rayner Spencer Mills, CityWire, Standards and Poors and Morning Star

The benefit to you of our investment of time and money is that we can respond to your questions in an accurate and efficient way

We charge for our time and experience
Our Client Agreement includes our current fees
We recognise that we need to give value for money and we are confident that we do

Your commitment
We ask that you are open and honest with us at all times

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