What worries you most?

Article in ALL ABOUT magazine, Worcester, for June 2023

What worries you most?
  • Fast access to medical diagnoses and treatment through the NHS
  • A reliable and healthy food chain
  • A secure source of energy not reliant on bad actors
Better Health Outcomes can come from:
  • Creating more personalised care, leading to better patient outcomes
  • Connecting more people to health care solutions
  • Developing better treatments, saving more lives.
The NHS are happy to accept the technology and new drug treatments, but are not set up to fund the research, that is for the pharmaceutical companies, the IT and engineering expertise and the vision of entrepreneurs.

They have the knowledge and the scientific expertise alongside a commitment to better outcomes. Britain’s scientists can lead the world when given the resources.

A reliable and healthy food chain
There are Fund Managers who invest in innovations, such as ways to
revitalise tired soils, increase crop yields, create smarter means of irrigation, as well as pest and insect control, to name but a few.

Energy and Climate Crisis
International events change with remarkable speed, and investors need to monitor geopolitical and climate risks.
Fund managers remain focused on high-quality assets that they believe are well positioned to withstand the implications of geopolitical events.

From a sustainable perspective:
            climate change has temporarily left the headlines.
However, the race to decarbonise is only getting more desperate and a litany of fires, floods and storms will likely feature heavily in the news over the course of this year. It will not be enough to tackle climate change via reduced emissions from fossil fuels alone. A period of huge invention and investment in energy is ahead of us.

As the year unfolds, we expect renewed attention on climate and nature, with shocks to many companies creating adverse environmental impacts, but opportunities for those offering sustainable solutions.
You can be part of the solutions through your pension and savings.