Proud to be Independent

For over 30 Years, Jan has provided a first class service to clients from her earlier days in London and later after moving to Bristol and starting her own firm.
She now advises clients in Bristol, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Cornwall and Cardiff ~ and many places in between ~ Jan believes that business is client-centred and, for that reason, is careful to maintain a client portfolio that enables her to provide the professional service that each demands and deserves.
Jan can be contacted at our office number 07967 500 384

Pat is a newer member to our business team
She joined as an apprentice in 2021 and is now progressing through exams for full qualification as an adviser.
Pat is an excellent first contact for the issues around Later Life Care, having worked in the Health Care sector in Worcester.
You can contact on our Worcester number 07889 146 420

NOTE: We recently had our internet upgraded to superfast fibre broadband
BT confirmed when ordering the upgrade that we could continue with our existing telephone number.
Once installed, we found our phone line failing.
A call to BT told us that the new broadband could not include that line and that we needed a digital phone line and to find a VoIP provider – at an extra cost – and the number would be very different.

As many people have Jan’s mobile number, we have decided that it is better to use that than try to get a new number into circulation.

It’s what our clients say that matters most:

  • Jan helped me weave my way through ‘gobbledygook speak’ of the financial world …
  • Jan has looked after us over for so many years. To include advice for Parents nursing costs, our every …
  • I am very motivated to invest ethically, and have found Jan very helpful and efficient and reliable. I imagine …
  • Jan has been our Financial Advisor for more than 20 years which says a great deal. Even though …

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Financial adviceESG – that sees the future as sustainable investing; keeping ethical investment issues in mind and caring about company governance.
Jan’s is independent advice. She is responsible to no one except her clients and the regulator.

Discover how ESG, tailored to your preferences, can match and even out-perform standard investment portfolios.
It also means that you get good ongoing advice and monitoring from Jan who is readily available to answer your questions and give feed back.
Jan, supported by Pat, works with clients in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol, Oxford, London and South Wales.

She uses Zoom as well as telephone, and our secure portal for easy and safe communication, meaning that she and clients do not need to travel miles to talk on every occasion. Meetings are organised to suit each individual.

What stops people from seeking financial advice?

Do I really need an advisor?
Maybe you have yet to find the value of experienced support as well as the quality of advice.
Choosing the right personal insurance you need, applying and then claiming  . . . . . . and all the hassle when you don’t need it?
We don’t just give advice – we also hand hold you, when needed, to make queries and claims much less stressful.
Financial firms accused of adding to pain of vulnerable customers
People dealing with critical illness or bereavement say poor customer service at insurers and banks often puts them through a new ordeal

Income protection
Do I need to consider protecting my income in the even of ill health?
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Our ESG commitment, click here  
Please remember, as with all investing, there are no guarantees

Advising on Later Life Care
The complexities of the many decisions you or your family may need to face when looking at issues such as care funding matters or whether equity release is the right thing for you, need careful and considered advice.
Financial advice should help you make clear and informed decisions, knowing that you have had the information and choices presented to you in a way that helps you make the best choices and decisions for you or for a family member.

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