Investing as Personal as Possible

EthicalPound100Having advised clients on their over all financial planning and on the  appropriate choices for their investments, from cash to equities, houses to rare teddy bears, I know that each of us has a different view of the world.

We also each have different expectations and values.

It’s no secret that I specialise in Ethical and Socially responsible investments and have build a knowledge base starting in 1987.

This presents a challenge because each value system is unique and therefore each new client is unique.  For me that’s a joy, as I enjoy engaging in the process. Finding out what matters to people and agreeing how to achieve the outcomes.  Not simply a menu of risk profiles to be met by a pre-selected list of funds.

This leads me to question how appropriate it is for “Advisers” to work from pre-selected portfolios and standard risk profiles.

I totally get the fact that by doing so the Regulators requirement for a repeatable process is met. However, given that each of us is unique, I believe that those individual choices are important.

Yes, we often have to make compromises to achieve a good financial outcome as well as avoiding the bad stuff.  However, since the financial crash, the best financial outcomes can be achieved by also avoiding the bad stuff.

You can make money and make a difference.  We, as investors,  have a duty to demand more information and we are now asking the questions.

The other thing that gives me joy, is continuing to work with the same  clients for over 20 years .  Being there when the planning finally pays off.

That’s true job satisfaction!

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