Should Financial Planning Keep You Warm?

coinstack60There is a ‘rule’ that advisers should recommend their clients clear debt before embarking upon investing.

I have always believed that this is not enough and that there are many life style decisions to make that can also impact upon how much you choose to put into investment. For elderly people they might like to use more of their wealth for lifestyle choices, like getting taxis to and from shops. It may be wise to ensure, as far as is possible, that cash is likely to still be available for increasing demands as we age.

So, when I saw this article on the BBC website  A tale of two homes: how warm houses change lives I though, yes, that makes sense. Get creature comforts in place first.

Fuel poverty is an issue little understood.  A survey I conducted quite recently in my village showed in excess of 40% to be in fuel poverty.

A good investment adviser will talk about things that matter beyond how much and where to invest.

Good financial planning starts at home.

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