Take These Issues out of the Hands of Politicians

As a Financial Adviser my job is to research the facts, mostly about ways to invest, the taxation of different assets and the way to protect, financially, my client’s families.

I am however also an advocate for investing in good ways.  Ways that make money and make a difference.

As a UK resident, I will get to vote on the European question.

Here is the dilemma.  Last week I attended a presentation on the economics of leaving Europe, as it was a presentation based on the Economic case, should I accept the purely economic case or should I factor in  Ethical and Environmental matters?

As a voter the answer is very easy, I would never vote for something that ignores my values.

The specifics of the dilemma are that we currently contribute £11.9bn towards European Environmental and Climate change Laws but, the argument goes, we could save £5.8bn if a UK Government decided to do so, outside of Europe.

I think the EU price is worth paying.  I prefer to take such an important issue out of the hands of politicians.

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