Climate protesters rework Spice Girls song to disrupt Barclays AGM

‘Barclays funds climate chaos’: bank’s AGM disrupted by climate protesters – video

Lyrics of Stop changed to ‘stop right now, no more oil and gas’ because of bank’s fossil fuel funding

Dozens of activists from groups including Fossil Free London and Extinction Rebellion UK began their action less than five minutes into the meeting where its chair, Nigel Higgins, was addressing shareholders at the QEII Centre in Westminster, central London.

A choir was the first to interrupt, with a rendition of the Spice Girls song Stop. Reworking the 90s classic’s lyrics, the group sang: “Stop right now, no more oil and gas, stop burning fossil fuels and end this madness … hey you, burning up the Earth, gotta stop it now baby we have had enough … you dirty, dirty bank.”

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