Switching Bank Account – Keeping Records

If you switch account and move to a new bank should you print out statements before you move?

Millions of people who switch current account to another bank or building society could face difficulties in accessing old statements in the future.

Many of us are used to online banking and instant access to statements of our ingoings and outgoings over the years but, research has emerged which shows once you switch, getting information from your ex-bank can be tricky.

It seems that there is no industry standard for banks and how they should treat customers looking for historical records once they are no longer a customer.

This could leave you without access to your account history
Once you switch to another bank; these accounts are often closed instantly leaving you without your vital financial information, which is essential for certain transactions, such as applying for a mortgage.

So, keep a permanent physical record of all of your bank statements by printing them off whilst you are still a customer.

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