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Jan received a tweet from a long time client in Bristol mentioning this. The site starts with Lets create a new institution and make Britain brilliant at the internet inspired by Martha Lane Fox in her Richard Dimbleby 2015 Lecture

The essential point is that the civic, public, non-commercial side of the equation needs a boost whereas the values of the internet have always been a dialogue between private companies and public bodies.

DOT EVERYONE, they enthuse, has to help educate all of us, from all walks of life, about the internet and, secondly, must put women at the heart of the technology sector.

Currently there are fewer women in the digital sector than there are in Parliament.

Finally, we should aim for a much more ambitious global roles in unpicking the complex moral and ethical issues that the internet presents.

Britain invented the BBC, the NHS – let’s not have a poverty of ambition – we can and should be inventing the definitive public institution for our digital age.

The page also includes Martha Lane Fox’s, Richard Dimbleby Lecture

In it she concludes

Britain grabbed the industrial revolution by the throat – we became the powerhouse of the world – and we can do that again.

We have a rare opportunity to have a new and significant role in the world. To lead in the civic public digital world – to help give it weight.

And the great news is that this time we don’t need “dark satanic mills” or workhouses or choking cities to fuel our success. We need vision and drive.

No more ‘what happens if you get pregnant’.

Britain should be a place where any 25 year old woman pitching for investment in a new digital business, social enterprise or public service will know that the investor, CEO or Minister ‘gets the internet’

Why can’t we be the most digitally powered up people on the planet?

There are massive gains for us as a society if we are.

. . .

I end with my heroine Mary Wollstonecraft “the beginning is always today”.

Martha Lane Fox, Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2015

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