Students and Aspiration

Yesterday I spent an hour with first year students doing business studies at the Heart of England College.

I am not certain if it’s a typical class but there were only two girls out of a class of a couple of dozen students. The girls were by far the most engaged and engaging, perhaps because I am female?

I was happy to be with the young and very happy to encourage more women into business.

My main message was Aspiration.

Just as with planning your finances, you need to decide what outcome you want and then to work out the small steps to get there.

Be the best you can at every task you do, if its making coffee or answering the phone, be better than your colleagues. Take every opportunity to seek out the successful, listen and watch how they do it.

Find what your core values are and measure your actions and thoughts by them.

Check each day what small step you have achieved to get to your goal.

At interviews smile.

Your future boss does not want a grump in the office and, if several applicants have the same level of qualifications for the job, you need your new employer to want to share space with you.

Hopefully, at the end, at least one student gained something useful to take forward in a career.

 Jan Oliff

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Students and Aspiration

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