The PFS Annual Conference

In any profession is important to share with other professionals, exchange ideas and learn.

pfs-logo   The Personal Finance Society (PFS), that’s the equivalent of the Law Society but for Financial Planners, has just held its Annual Conference and we took the opportunity to celebrate the progress made in the 10 years since the regulator’s Retail Distribution Review.

At last we have something to celebrate.  It has been a long and, at times, difficult journey but we are beginning to achieve our goal of becoming a recognised and respected profession.

For me it has been a much longer journey, from selling financial ‘products’ to being a Financial Planning Professional; since 1980, a considerably journey, but still not taken by many women.

My personal missions: to encourage more women advisers and be professional.

The first is still a concern but I understand that it is not just women we need to attract but many younger advisers of all gender and ethnicity.

I love this work, its rewarding as I see the changes I can influence in people’s lives.  The dreams formed 10, 20 or more year ago becoming a reality. The homes bought, protected and furnished, the children borne, the careers and businesses flourishing and then passed on to a new generation.

Financial Planning is so much more than selling a ‘product’.  In fact today it’s rarely about ‘sales’.

I am delighted that both Government and Regulator are now consulting us.

After all, who knows better than us what our clients expectations are.  We are their caring friend in a crisis. We sort out the money stuff when they are least able to.  We understand both the technical issues and the humanity.

My current mission is to keep delivering above expectations for plenty more years.

My gratitude is to those lovely, trusting clients.



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