A disconnected world

I have just returned from a conference on Social Justice, its start coincided with the news that we are no longer connected to Europe.

Why, as a Financial Services Professional, did the Conference appeal to me?  Undeniably much of the disconnect between those who benefit from the Market Economy and those who are excluded is a deep wound, a wound that needs healing.  My belief is that one way forward is through Social Impact Investing.  Those of us who have surplus can choose to invest in things that give us a return and provide a social benefit.  That happens to be my way of making a difference and addressing some of the issues of Social Justice.

The disconnection from Europe appears to be self- harming.  Another violent act that further alienates but appealed to those who want to recreate a lost world. A world when England was another place than the one we occupy today.

The way we dealt with the financial crisis has left the wealthy with additional wealth and many feeling they are left behind and excluded.  The disconnection from my world of finance leaving millions believing they have no way of participating in the game.  The mainstream political parties and businesses no longer connected to their communities.  Once, in that utopian England, your employer was at the end of your street, gave a personality and purpose to the community.  Now employers are National or International.


Could it be that disconnecting ourselves from Europe will give us local connections again? I have no answer to that question.  However I am convinced of the need to invest in a way that allows the investor to feel connected to the firms and organisations they invest in.  Share values and principles. See the connection between the input of money and the output of benefits to the community and the environment.

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