A Moral or Ethical View but still want to Make Money

In the last few days I have read articles about the lack of transparency in drug trials. A potential outcome being that we are not always taking the most efficient drug for the medical problem we suffer.

pills-250You might expect this as a headline story from the ‘Daily Rag’ but, no, it’s a serious piece in the Economist.

The article talks about the moral argument, an argument that I am hearing more and more. “When patients are prescribed a drug, they might assume that it had been subject to the closest scrutiny. They would be wrong .. .. there is no legal obligation on researchers to publish data from old trials, but there is a moral one”

I just received an invitation to find out the facts on Alzheimer’s from Alzheimer’s Research UK info@e.wrmplatform.co.uk

In my mind the two are linked but not by the obvious need to find a drug but by our moral obligations as members of society, to care.

As we continue to regulate more and more parts of our lives we seem to have forgotten the moral compass that once provided our guide. On the other hand, I am meeting and talking with people who still engage in the moral argument and are determined to make good choices.

If you have a moral or ethical view but still want to make money, the Ethical Investment Association (EIA)was founded to ensure you have those choices.


For the Worcester and Malvern area : Jan Oliff of Shore Financial Planning is an active, long established member of the EIA.

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