Domestic Storage of Electricity has Radical Implications

Demand for electricity from national grids would fall sharply with the widespread adoption of energy storage – as I briefly mentioned in my post 4 May 2015.

So when the BBC website today had an article – Energy storage paves way for electricity independence it reinforced the likely trend that lead us each to capture our own natural energy and store it. ” . . the technology with the most revolutionary potential is energy storage”

Renewables, together with energy storage, open the tantalising possibility of communities and individuals becoming energy self-sufficient.

With solar panels or wind turbines generating electricity and batteries storing it, households become far less reliant on the grid.

And it is not only the exciting opportunity for self sufficiency, protection against power outages, and almost costless energy. Think about your investment decisions – would you consider long term investment in energy companies a good idea. And what might be the impact upon oil producing countries.

Such a radical, exciting and beneficial development might have ramifications we cannot really forecast.

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