Making Right Choices no longer put us at disadvantage

The banking crisis should have been seen as a signal for thedeveloped world to take a long hard look at its ethics.

Not the ethics of the banking sector alone but the ethics of making profit without caring where it comes from.

ThumbsUpDownWe win – you lose.

Unfortunately we were so focused on the need to rebuild our positions in the world we brought in regulation to stop the wrong doing but overlooked our ethics and failed to re-evaluate our values. The result, arguably, is that the world is now more unstable and more scary.

Thousands of boat people are drowning off our shores, because Europe focused on the wrong outcomes, as an example of political mistakes.

Housing developments are being blocked or delayed out of local self-interest, as an example of British myopia, where the intention is to maintain our property prices to the detriment of others.

FotGreenPoundFor anyone who looks to the long term stability of their investments it is now time to take stock and focus on making money without harming others.

Making money and doing good result in a win/win for all. The evidence is mounting that making the right choices no longer puts us at a disadvantage.


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