The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Good-Bad-andUglyDeciding who to take advice from has always been a challenging.

In the same way that I have to take care not to be influenced by glossy brochures and smart talk and, in particular, a “Good Deal” so my clients have to make important and often difficult decisions.  I always feel privileged to be part of that decision making.

During the past years some of the World’s leading brands have mislead the public and the regulators leading to a catastrophic loss of value in their brand.  Trust takes years to build and can be lost by a single error, arrogance or complacency.

Financial Service firms have shown that they were either good, bad or ugly. The good continue to thrive having not suffered from a loss of client confidence, the bad have mostly paid the price of their greed and the ugly have learned how to make themselves attractive by improving the quality of the research and advice they offer.

I am blessed by having long relationships with some wonderful clients.  I can think of no reason why I would want to damage those relationships and lose their trust.  It is therefore essential that I keep delivering the best I am capable of.  Best technical knowledge, best delivery and best ongoing service.

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