2021 Newsletter November

Have you noticed how popular you become when you start speaking about the environment, saving water, making your own compost, upcycling everything from furniture to clothes?

That is a good starting point, but what if you could do more with your pension or savings as well?

Have you been put off making those changes because:

  • you have been convinced it is just a fad?
  • doing good means sacrificing performance?
  • your worried about “Greenwash”?
  • money is safer in your bank?

Traditional advice works against sensible thoughts, and you do nothing to change your strategy because “it has always worked fine for me.”

Fortunately, for pensions, many major employers have changed strategy, moving billions into more sustainable investment types – investments that help the fight against climate change instead of adding to the problem.

Jan has decades of experience investing for good. She has worked over the past 5 years to better understand the thought processes and the policies behind the fund managers who offer Environmental, Social and Good Governance (ESG) as core values.

We have made investments for our clients that, over 5 years, have returned an average of 4% to 14% per year, or 20.46% and 74.88% over 5 years.

Of course, the past cannot guarantee the future, but it shows that good investment really can pay off.

Jan listens and takes your values seriously. She understands risk and reward strategies.

In our firm the client calls the shots; every client is treated as an individual whose views matter. 

Look at your pension or savings and ask yourself, could I invest better?