Clean Slate: Green Slate

This year’s Good Money Week was all about giving your money an ethical overhaul.

This pandemic has been a wake-up call for many of us in many different senses, but especially when it comes to our finances.

That’s why the theme of this year’s Good Money Week was ‘Clean Slate Green Slate’, encouraging people to consider green options as they start afresh with their finances.

This year we commissioned FinText to analyse public conversations between private investors on the Reddit platform and found that ESG rarely came up and when it did it was often objected to.

We also share the results of our YouGov survey which shows that while half of us saved money and many are now talking our finances more seriously, most of those who saved would prefer a bog-standard savings account to an ISA or investment platform.

However, 51% of us want the government to prioritise lowering emissions when it builds back better even if it takes longer and 49% wants an affordable build back better bond. 

Jan works with UKSIF and Good Money