A sustainable return

In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, my newsletter, April 2020, it is important to give a view of the portfolios we manage. 
Not individual valuations but an overall position.

To put things in context, the portfolio with the biggest drawdown has reduced in value by 19.5% but most have reduced by less than 14%, after increasing from January 2019 to the current fall in February 2020 by 28.5%.
The fall was dramatic, and we may still see further falls as the markets are tested.

However, a 28.5% recovery in a single year demonstrates that markets recover and normally faster than anticipated during a crisis.

Portfolios are designed to match clients’ individual appetite for risk and should provide stability, providing better than cash returns and out pacing inflation.

Investments that help the world stay healthy, minimise waste of scarce resources and provide a sustainable return